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Miércoles, 23-Jul-2014

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rubia en la playa
Visiones: 1380 | Tamaños: 920x712px/133.1Kb
Fecha: 07-Jul-2012 | Ha añadido: chicasx
Ranking: 5.0/1

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2 Hoa   (25-Sep-2013 9:25 PM)
I read about what happened shotlry after you shared it. I had not ever visited your blog before. Your family has been in my prayers since then and will continue to be for a while.Your 3-year old is working through what happened and she needs that. As hard as it is for you to go back over it, repeatedly, she needs it. I say this lovingly and gently, not accusingly in any way (tone of voice just doesn't come through here) If it is too hard to back over it with her, it may be worth considering having her talk to a professional whether medical or through your church. It is so important for her to be able to process what happened. Maybe a relative could sit with her and go back through it a few times.You are doing well to also try to bring back the good memories. They are there. Write them down for her, for yourself. You won't ever forget, but a memory journal can be a nice thing to go back and read later. We have one that includes entries for our loved ones who have been called home whether we were ready or not and my oldest daughter has also written about pets in it. It's a memory book.You are doing good to take it slow and recognize what is missing rather than ignoring. I am so sorry that you are going through this.

1 javier   (09-Jul-2012 7:23 PM)
086413172 llamame , preciosa

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